How To Stay Motivated

It’s Marathon Monday and the runners have completed their trek through the 26.2 miles of Boston. After months and months of training they’ve crossed that finish line.

Many watch those runners and think to themselves, “How do they do it?” I myself have a terrible time motivating myself to get to the gym. Netflix and a warm blanket is far more appealing. Staying motivated to reach a goal can be difficult, whether it’s to lose weight, save money or build your business. We did a little research on some of the best tips for staying motivated:


Act Within 5 Seconds of An Idea

Mel Robbins, an expert on leadership and a famous motivational speaker, says that “if you can count 5-4-3-2-1, you can change your life.”  If you have an idea or a goal, act immediately. Knowing what to do or why to do it is not enough. When you physically move, your brain builds new habits, and in time replace the old bad habits.


Vision Board of Motivation

Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, says that the best way to achieve your goals is to keep them “top of mind.” He recommends doing this with a “vision board” or visual representation of your goals. Keep it somewhere you can see it daily so that your subconscious mind programs your brain to always be thinking about the goal. This will lead you to make decisions throughout the day that will get you closer to your goal without even realizing it.


Break Down Goals

Having an ambitious goal is great, but can be incredibly intimidating and demoralizing. It’s important to remember that to get from A to Z, you must get through 24 other letters. Breaking down your goal into smaller chunks makes them more manageable. Allow yourself small celebrations as you reach each small goal. Before you know it you’ll reach the end of your goal.


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