When pre-qualifying for a mortgage, there are certain documents that you will want to get together:

  1. W-2 (two years) and current month’s pay stubs
  2. Address (two year history) – landlord’s name, address & phone
  3. Employment (two year history) – contact name, address, & phone
  4. Contact of Sale and legal description of property
  5. Latest three-months bank statements (all accounts)
  6. Open loan information – account numbers, balances & monthly payments
  7. Real Estate assets – loan numbers, addressesm balances & monthly payments
  8. Social Security numbers
  9. Check for credit report and appraisal
  10. Self-Employment or more than 25% of income from bonus or overtime: most recent year’s tax returns (all schedules) and P&L (year-to-date)
  11. Copy of Driver’s License or other photo ID
  12. VA loan: Certificate of Eligibility and/or DD214