Earth Day is this weekend! It’s a great time to get involved, plant a tree, and teach your little ones about protecting our beautiful Earth. We’ve gathered some of our favorite activities and baked treats from Pinterest! Test them out and tell us how they go!

What are some of your favorites?



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Shaving Cream Marbled Paper

You might have heard of the shaving cream Easter eggs – this is the same idea except on paper. Make a beautiful picture with your kids using shaving cream and food coloring. Find the full instructions here!

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Make Your Own Bird Feeders and Birdseed Ornaments

Make both your kids and bird neighbors happy with these adorable birdseed ornaments and feeders! Get the full information here!


space and earth for kids

Paper Plate Earth

This activity is great for kids of all ages, with some adult supervision. Make beautiful Earth artwork with just a little paint! Get the full instructions here!

Baked Treats:

Earth Day Cookie Recipe

Earth Day Cookies by

These cookies look so yummy and easy to make! Even the kids could join in for these one! Get the directions here!


Earth Day Reveal Cupcakes

Earth Day Reveal Cupcakes

These are super fun and have a cute surprise inside! Perfect for an Earth Day party! Get the recipe here!


Dirt Cups Recipe by

So simple and yet always a fan favorite! Dirt cups are a classic kids dessert (and adults too!) that the kids can help make! Get the recipe here!

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